Operating your account

Once your account has been opened you will be given

  • a passbook ( to record your payments in and out of your account)
  • paying in slips (to use when paying money in to your account)
  • a reference number (which you can give to your employer if you have a job or to Social Security if you receive Income Support or any other benefit).

Paying Money in and Paying Bills

Any money to be paid to you can be credited directly into your CS account. Alternatively you can pay in cash or cheques at your group's office.
CS can pay out of your account any of your regular standing orders such as your rent or utility bills but we do not process direct debits.

Withdrawing funds

If you need to withdraw cash, be provided with a cheque or require us to make payment to a third party, seven days notice is required.

The pre-paid Credecard

Any customer may apply for one of these cards. It is a debit card which allows you to pay for goods and services and make purchases on-line, over the 'phone or by mail order. You just need to make sure that your card is topped up with sufficient money from your account before it is used. There are minor costs associated with certain aspects of this service.

Remember it is NOT a credit card but it does give you flexibility when paying for items and can help you budget for your weekly payments.

Find out more about our Budgeting Advice