Advantages of a CS account

Your money belongs to you

Any money you pay into your CS account is held for you.

Friendly advisers and an informal atmosphere

CS advisers try to put everyone at their ease and treat all fairly and with respect. Many of our customers prefer the informal atmosphere in a CIG or at the CS office to the more formal atmosphere in other financial organisations.

No cheque books and no overdrafts

So you cannot write a cheque that will bounce and cannot spend what you do not

No charges for being overdrawn

CS will not process payments that will make you overdrawn.


Because we expect you to save £5 per month you should start to see your savings
grow and any interest they earn is paid to you as a dividend once a year.

Help with budgeting

Free help to plan your budget allowing for your outgoings and savings.


As we get to know you we can often help you to avoid or resolve problems, in
addition to those related directly to finance.

Emergency funding

As a regular CS customer you will be eligible for emergency funding assistance at
preferable rates should you suddenly need help.

The pre-paid CredEcard

These are available to CS customers and give you added flexibility when managing
your spending.