Can I have an account at a bank and still open an account with CS?

YES - and if you want help planning your expenditure you can transfer funds to your CS account.

Is there a minimum amount of money I must keep in my CS account?

YES - £1 and we expect you to save a minimum of £5 every month.

How long do I need to have lived in Jersey before I can apply for funding or open an account?

CS aims to help residents who are members of the Island's community. You must be permanently resident in the Island but not necessarily residentially qualified. CS reserves the right to make any decision regarding residency. You might have been living and working in the Island for some time; perhaps you receive a Jersey pension or you have been working in the Island and have lost your job.

How do I top up my pre-paid VISA card?

Simply come and see an adviser or call the CS office or your CIG administrator and ask for money to be transferred from your account to your card.

What sort of financial help can CS provide?

  • opening accounts for those who do not, or cannot, have a bank account

  • help with budgeting and saving

  • mentoring for those who find it difficult to manage money

  • limited emergency funding

Is my money safe with CS?

Your deposits, placed by us with a Jersey Bank, are protected against that Bank's failure by the States depositor protection scheme.

You also have the added protection of CS's own Fidelity Insurance.

In addition, CS is subject to limited oversight by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.